Storing Petrol at Home

Given the recent UK government advice concerning storing petrol at home it is worth reviewing the legal and safety advice related to domestic storage of flammable fuels.

The storage of petrol or diesel at home is potentially a very dangerous practice.  If you do feel the need to store fuel at home it should be kept in a detached garage or shed.  The reason is obvious, if you have a fire in your house the fire can be accelerated by stored fuels.   Leaking fuels can also cause a fire so its best if it is not kept in living spaces. 

The law allows you to store a maximum of 15 litres of petrol in no more than two approved metal containers, or ten litres in two plastic containers. Neither plastic container should be of more than five litres’ capacity.  Approved containers are marked and approved for petrol storage and fitted with a secure cap to prevent leakage of liquid and fuel vapours.

Fuel can only be stored in a secured, locked shed or a garage. Garages should be detached from the house or separated by a fire door if it is adjoining. Fuel MUST not be stored within any living areas of your house.

Be smart and keep safe.

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  1. This is a late comment to this post but I still remember this terrible advice from the minister.

    The details given above are correct and sensible

    The advice given by those who should know better made me shudder.

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