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Lecture Material:
Day 1 Lectures
Lectures concern Heat Transfer and Zone modelling.
Day 2 Lectures
Field Modelling concepts and introduction to practical numerical techniques for solution of partial differential equations.
Day 3 Lectures
CFD, Basic Equations, BC + Soln + Algorithm. Introduction to turbulence, combustion and radiation models. Introduction to post processing.
Day 4 Lectures
Working with CAD, advanced meshing techniques, using multiple computers and typical errors in fire field modelling.
Day 5 Lectures
SMARTFIRE features
 Principles and Practice of Fire Modelling Archive Material

Building regulations world-wide are changing from the traditional prescriptive to performance based codes. The use of mathematical models to demonstrate safety equivalence is therefore becoming more important. Architects and Fire Safety Engineers crucially need to understand how and when to correctly apply these models. Regulatory authorities which approve building designs equally need to understand the validity of the model predictions.

These lectures examines the role of mathematical fire models in fire safety science and in particular their formulation, limitations, applications and interpretation of model predictions.  The main focus is on Fire Field Modelling but Fire Zone models and fire dynamics are also covered.

The lecture material presented here represents all the actual lecture material presented on the PPFM five day short course. What you will not find here is material associated with the "hands-on" practical laboratory sessions associated with the PPFM course.

Lecture Material Content Summary
  • Lecture material is extracted from the 5 day intensive PPFM Short Course.
  • Main lecturers: Prof E Galea, Dr M Patel, Dr J Ewer, Dr A Grandison and Dr Jia from FSEG. 
  • Introduction to Heat Transfer
  • Introduction to Fire Dynamics
  • Zone Modelling described
  • Introduction to CFD
  • Field modelling described.
  • Introduction to the SMARTFIRE Fire Field Model
  • NOTE: "Hands-ON" exposure to fire modelling, which is available to participants who take the course in person at the University of Greenwich, is not part of the recorded lecture material. 
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