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Faculty of Engineering and Science

FSEG Group

FSEG staff members have research interests within the fire safety arena.

Prof Ed Galea PhD CMath FIMA MIFS MIFireE CEng
Group Director: Evacuation Modelling, CFD, Fire Field Modelling
Email: E.R.Galea@gre.ac.uk
Prof Mayur Patel MSc PhD CMath FIMA
Senior Associate: CFD, Fire Field Modelling
Email: M.K.Patel@gre.ac.uk
Dr Peter J Lawrence PhD
Reader: Principal Software Development Manager for EXODUS, Evacuation Modelling, Software Engineering
Email: P.J.Lawrence@gre.ac.uk
Mr Lazaros Filippidis BSc MSc
Senior Research Fellow: Evacuation Modelling, Software Engineering
Email: L.Filippidis@gre.ac.uk
Mr Darren Blackshields BSc MSc
Research Fellow: Software Engineering, Evacuation Research
Email: D.Blackshields@gre.ac.uk
Mr David Cooney BSc MRes
Research Fellow: Evacuation Modelling, Virtual Reality, Databases, Software Engineering, Video Processing and Analysis
Email: D.P.Cooney@gre.ac.uk
Dr Steven Deere BSc PhD
Research Fellow: Evacuation Modelling
Email: S.Deere@gre.ac.uk
Dr Lynn Hulse MA PhD CPsychol
Research Fellow: Human Behaviour in Evacuations and Emergencies, Applied Psychology
Email: L.Hulse@gre.ac.uk
Dr Asim Siddiqui BSc MRes PhD MBCS
Research Fellow: Software Engineering, Databases, Web based development, BIM, Fire Safety Engineering
Email: A.A.Siddiqui@gre.ac.uk
Dr Anand Veeraswamy B.Eng MSc PhD
Research Fellow: Way Finding, AI, Evacuation Modelling
Email: va18@gre.ac.uk
Dr Simo Haasanen B.Eng PhD
Software Engineer: Evacuation Modelling, Virtual Reality
Email: S.Haasanen@gre.ac.uk
Dr John Ewer BSc MSc PhD
Senior Research Fellow: Principal Software Development Manager for SMARTFIRE, Fire Modelling, Software Engineering
Email: J.Ewer@gre.ac.uk
Dr Angus Grandison BSc MSc PhD
Senior Research Fellow: CFD, Parallel Processing, Spray Modelling, Fire Field Modelling
Email: A.J.Grandison@gre.ac.uk
Dr Fuchen Jia BSc MSc PhD
Senior Research Fellow: Combustion Modelling, CFD
Email: F.Jia@gre.ac.uk
Dr Zhaozhi Wang MSc PhD
Senior Research Fellow: Fire Modelling
Email: Z.Wang@gre.ac.uk
Mr Ian Frost BSc MSc
Research Fellow: CAD import, Visualisation
Email: I.R.Frost@gre.ac.uk
Mr Michael Joyce
Doctoral Student: Movement of Objects within Evacuation Simulation Models
Mr Ahmad Baddar
Doctoral Student: Fire Spread in Waste Bales
Mr Timothy Crow
Doctoral Student: Numerical modelling of external cladding fires in High-Rise Buildings - fire performance and mitigation strategies
Prof Jianghong Liu
Visiting Professor: From Shanghai Maritime University. Studying with us for 1 year from Nov 2016.
Research Area: Fire/Sprinkler Interaction and Suppression with Ultra-fine Mists
Prof David Purser
Visiting Professor: Fire Safety Engineering
Dr Jun Ho Choi BSc MSc PhD
Visiting Research Fellow: From Kyungpook National University of South Korea from Jan 2012.
Research Area: Evacuation Research
Email: J.Choi@gre.ac.uk

Prof Margaret Law
Sadly passed away
Dr Kate Finney
New Position: Now retired
Dr Steven Gwynne
Left FSEG May 2014, New Position: Research Lead, Movement Strategies
Dr Michael Kinsey
Left FSEG Jan 2013, New Position: Fire Engineer, Arup
Dr Rodrigo Machado Tavares
Left FSEG in 2010, New Position: Associate Technical Director, Arcadis
Dr Arun Mahalingam
Left FSEG Jan 2012, New Position: Senior Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering Department, Kumaraguru College of Technology, Coimbatore, INDIA
Dr Yasmina Mohedeen
Completed PhD in Sept 2011.
Ms Maria Pretorius
New Position: Lecturer
Dr Nitish Chooramun
Completed Phd in July 2011. Returned to Mauritius


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