Alternative Designs for Exit Signage Survey

The Fire Safety Engineering Group of the University of Greenwich would like to thank you in advance for assisting us with this important study. Your participation in this study will contribute to improving our understanding of how people interpret exit signs within buildings and hence improve building safety measures and design.

IMPORTANT MESSAGE: This survey contains four 10 second videos which are an important part of the questions. If you have opened the survey on devices which don't display the video playback correctly, please close the survey and try it later on a PC, Macbook Pro or iPhone6. Please also note that all of the images are videos even if you don't detect movement in some of them.

The questionnaire

  • You will be asked to fill out this short questionnaire.
  • The questionnaire consists of two parts: four questions relating to personal demographics and ten questions relating to signage interpretation.
  • The entire process should take about 5 to 10 minutes of your time.

Your answers

  • Your answers to the questionnaire will be stored and analysed by us.
  • We will keep the data for research purposes and some of the analysed data may be published and shown in public fora. However, we are not collecting or storing any information identifying you and so your anonymity is assured.

Right to withdraw

  • The survey involves a few simple questions which should present no difficulties to you.
  • However, if at any time you wish to withdraw, you can click on “Exit and clear survey” on the top right of the webpage and no data will be sent.
If you have any difficulties concerning completing this questionnaire please contact: For all other queries or comments please contact:
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