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The WTC Evacuation Study has completed interviewing participants. We want to thank everyone who kindly gave us their time and who assisted us in this endeavour.

We are now in the process of analysing the collected data and the data entered into the HEED database.

Why this project?

To save lives. This is the most comprehensive study of the WTC evacuation ever.

People who evacuated from the WTC Twin Towers hold the key to improving building regulations and design tools.

I want to be prepared

Information that could save your life and those of your friends and family
Project Participants

Many thanks to all those who gave us their time and participated in the interviews. We have collected a vast amount of important data from each and every person who participated.

Information has been entered into the HEED database and we are currently analysing this data. We are initially focusing our attention on the North Tower and investigating issues such as; stoppages during evacuation, individual stair travel speeds, the impact of congestion and BMI on travel speed, occupant response times, impact of perceived risk and nature of pre-evacuation activities on response time.

A number of computer simulations have also been undertaken using the WTC data.

When publications appear in print they will be made available on this web site, follow the PUBLICATIONS tab on the Home Page.

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Let their sacrifice be our spur to making the world a safer place.