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Kiss Nightclub Tragedy — More Information and some Simplified Analysis

Questions are being raised as to how many people were in the nightclub at the time of the incident. This will become an important issue as the inquiry into the disaster progresses as the level of club occupancy could be used as a factor in contributing to the severity of the disaster and hence in apportioning responsibility.

Another issue that has been raised is whether or not more exits would have made a material difference to the outcome. Given that the nightclub had only a third of the required number of exits, one has to wonder whether this would have made a material difference to the outcome.

To examine these issues I have done some simple analysis based on a number of assumptions and what the media are currently reporting.
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Yet another Nightclub Tragedy — Grief tainted with Anger

The death toll in the Kiss Nightclub fire has risen to 231. It is heart breaking to see so many young faces with promising lives ahead of them snuffed out in seconds. It is even more heartbreaking to learn that this tragic loss of life may have been needless and preventable. As more details of this tragedy begin to emerge, heartbreak turns to anger. While the details are still not known for certain, the more that comes out in the media the more this carnage appears to be no simple accident i.e. an unforeseeable event, but the result of a predictable and preventable failing of Regulation, Enforcement and Management. If so, then immediate measures must be taken to correct the failings in order to ensure a safer Brazil – let this be the legacy of the Kiss victims. Continue reading

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Yet another Tragic Nightclub Fire!

Today we hear the news of a tragic nightclub fire in Brazil which has claimed the lives of at least 180 young people, with at least 200 more injured. I would not be surprised if the death toll rises, especially if the occupancy is more than 300. Large crowds, within a confined space, whose walls are clad with combustible PU foam, with limited means of egress, probably in the dark, a number of who are probably intoxicated and then allowing the use of pyrotechnics is a recipe for disaster. Indeed, building regulations and planning permission should not permit such death traps to exist in the first place and enforcement authorities should ensure that they do not occur. Continue reading

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