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Yet another Tragic Nightclub Fire!

Today we hear the news of a tragic nightclub fire in Brazil which has claimed the lives of at least 180 young people, with at least 200 more injured. I would not be surprised if the death toll rises, especially if the occupancy is more than 300. Large crowds, within a confined space, whose walls are clad with combustible PU foam, with limited means of egress, probably in the dark, a number of who are probably intoxicated and then allowing the use of pyrotechnics is a recipe for disaster. Indeed, building regulations and planning permission should not permit such death traps to exist in the first place and enforcement authorities should ensure that they do not occur. Continue reading

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Panic, what Panic?

On 19 Oct 2012 a B737 operated by Jet2 was on its take off roll when smoke was detected in the cabin.  The Captain brought the aircraft to a quick stop and all 189 passengers evacuated the aircraft.  I am … Continue reading

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The threatened March petrol strike in the UK: did the public panic? And the importance of messaging.

In the closing days of March, the UK print and electronic media are full of stories of panic petrol buying by members of the public fearful of a possible petrol delivery drivers’ strike only days before the traditional Easter getaway.    … Continue reading

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Duisburg Love Parade Crowd Tragedy 24 July 2010 — written by Prof Ed Galea, 25 July 2010, 14:00

Our deepest sympathies go out to the families and loved ones of the 19 people killed in the tragic incident at the Duisburg Love Parade on the 24 July 2010, and our best wishes go to the 340 people who … Continue reading

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