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The EXODUS group undertake considerable research into issues associated with evacuation.  This includes:
  • field trials in order to better understand and explore human behaviour and human dynamics,
  • controlled laboratory experiments in order to quantify the observed behaviour and dynamics,
  • accident analysis and investigation in order to better understand the types of behaviours that occur in real situations,
  • full-scale evacuations in order to test ideas and generate data for model validation purposes,
  • utilising the above information in the formulation, implementation and testing of new features and capabilities for evacuation models,
  • exploring and developing new design concepts for aircraft, buildings, rail and ships using all of the above.

The group is involved in all of these issues in aviation, building, rail and marine environments.  This work is often undertaken in collaboration with other research organisations. For an indication of some of the projects we are working on visit our FSEG Research Projects pages.