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EXODUS is a suite of software tools designed to simulate evacuation of large numbers of people from a variety of enclosure types and circulation/pedestrian dynamics in complex environments. The family of models currently consists of  buildingEXODUS for applications in the built environment, airEXODUS for aviation applications and  maritimeEXODUS for marine applications. A Rail specific version of the software is currently being development under sponsorship of the US Federal Rail Administration. In addition, vrEXODUS can be used to view EXODUS generated evacuations in 3D.

buildingEXODUS;maritimeEXODUS;airEXODUS; railEXODUS; and vrEXODUS

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The buildingEXODUS software is available for purchase and engineers with experience in the application of buildingEXODUS can be found in 37 countries, namely: Austria, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Iceland, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Israel, Japan, Korea, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Singapore, Slovakia, Spain, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, UK and the USA. buildingEXODUS users include: Consultants, Universities, Fire Brigades, Regulatory Authorities, and Research Laboratories.

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The maritimeEXODUS software was officially launched in its publicly available version on 1st August 2002 as maritimeEXODUS v3.0.  The software has already been used for a number of marine applications including evacuations from High Speed Craft, Thames Pleasure River Boats, a range of naval vessels, large Passenger Ships, off-shore oil platforms and a floating drilling platform. 




The airEXODUS software is designed for applications in the aviation industry including, aircraft design, compliance with evacuation certification requirements, crew training, development of crew procedures, resolution of operational issues and accident investigation.   While airEXODUS is not currently avialable for purchase, FSEG provide consultative services using airEXODUS.  The software has been used on projects for virtually all of the major aircraft manufacturers and several airlines.




The railEXODUS model is currently under development with sponsorship from the US Federal Rail Administration.  While the buildingEXODUS software is used for rail stations including the modelling of trains in stations, the railEXODUS software is specifically being designed to simulate evacuation from rail rolling stock and possess rail specific human performance data.

Disclaimer: Development of railEXODUS was partially funded by the Federal Railroad Administration, U.S Government. Funding does not constitute endorsement of railEXODUS, its application, or related papers.




The vrEXODUS software is a graphics post-processor that can be used in conjunction with all EXODUS products.  vrEXODUS creates animated three dimensional representations of EXODUS generated simulations. The current version of vrEXODUS supports the latest computer technology; taking advantage of dedicated graphics hardware and processing power available on modern day PCs.

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