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Faculty of Engineering and Science


Edinburgh UK
17 Sept - 19 Sept 2001


fseg_at_intflam01_170901.JPG (395504 bytes)
FSEG at intflam01
fseg_poster_intflam01.jpg (295043 bytes)
FSEG poster
fseg_demo_inflam01_170901.JPG (426158 bytes)
FSEG demo
fseg_dinner_intflam01.jpg (367208 bytes)
FSEG at conference dinner
john_simon_darren_inflam01.jpg (281479 bytes)
FSEG staff - John, Simon and Darren
ed_simon_angus_dinner_intflam01.jpg (281588 bytes)
FSEG staff - Ed, Simon and Angus at conference dinner
ed_bjorn_whisky_intflam01.jpg (346744 bytes)
Ed and Bjorn - whisky
the_bus_intflam01.jpg (323924 bytes)
the bus
delegate_poster_intflam01_1.jpg (289892 bytes)
delegate poster
sp_at_intflam01.jpg (312766 bytes)
sp at intflam01
bhappold_team_intflam01.jpg (282606 bytes)
Burro H team
the_working_girls_intflam01.jpg (334301 bytes)
the working girls
grayson_atwork_intflam01.jpg (525053 bytes)
Steve Grayson at work
delegates_inflam01_170901.JPG (232322 bytes)
delegates2_inflam01_170901.JPG (376233 bytes)
delegates pic2
delegates3_intflam01_180901.jpg (400969 bytes)
delegates pic3
piper_dinner_intflam01.jpg (350359 bytes)
piper at conference dinner
delegates_dinner_reception_intflam01_1.jpg (313371 bytes)
delegates at conference dinner reception
delegates_dinner_intflam01_2.jpg (338188 bytes)
delegates at conference dinner pic1
delegates_dinner_intflam01.jpg (422391 bytes)
delegates at conference dinner pic2
take_it_away_intflam01.jpg (338561 bytes)
take it away
timpson_atwork_dinner_intflam01.jpg (371686 bytes)
Timpson hard at work
dinner_reflection_intflam01.jpg (320596 bytes)
dinner reflection
what_no_whisky_intflam01.jpg (330295 bytes)
what no whisky!
delegates_whisky_intflam01.jpg (254966 bytes)
delegates at whisky tasting
delegates4_whisky_intflam01.jpg (353777 bytes)
delegates at whisky tasting pic2
award_dinner_intflam01.jpg (167647 bytes)
Awards giving at conference dinner
spoon_award_dinner_intflam01.jpg (275129 bytes)
Birgit Ostman with award
carol_inflam01_180901.jpg (371256 bytes)
Carol and Catherine
mothers_helper_intflam01.jpg (338271 bytes)
Catherine of the bus
grayson_closing_intflam01.jpg (238627 bytes)
Steve Grayson closing conference
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