Useful Links


Media Players

Windows Media Player by Microsoft - supports several formats including MPG and AVI.
MPEG Player (Shareware) by JIAO Systems - supports MPG, VCD, DAT, AVI, MOV, FLI and FLC formats.
QuickTime Player by Apple - supports several formats including QuickTime.
Real Player Basic (free version) by RealNetworks - supports Real Media(rm, ram, ra) and other formats.

Search Engines

RingWorld -- The Webring Directory
Yahoo! Search Options
FAST Search: All the Web, All the Time
Ask Jeeves!
AC/DC: The ACademic DireCtory
go2net | MetaCrawler | search
WebCrawler - Reasonable search tool
Topic Based Search Engines and Databases


CNN (Europe) Interactive
BBC News | Front Page | front page
Ananova -
CNN (USA) Interactive
NewsTracker Top Stories
The Interactive Currency Table(tm)
London Evening Standard
The Guardian
Greenwich 2000
The Met.Office Home Page

PC / IT News

Tom's Hardware Guide

PC and Drivers Information

Welcome to the Meter
Kevins BM Drivers Fixes, etc.
Drivers Driver Computer PC Hardware Software
Benchtest.Com - What's New
CPU Central
System Optimization PC Hardware and Performance Guide!
Planet Hardware


C & C++ Tools | Download Center
NONAGS Freeware Shareware World Center
SOFTSEEK.COM - Welcome to the source for shareware, freeware and evaluation software. Software Downloads
Freeware Home - Collection of Free Software and Internet Services
ZDBOp home page Windows NT Mathematical Graphing Tools
DaveCentral Shareware, Freeware, Demos and Betas
ZDNet Software Library - Top Rated Shareware
HENSA unix archives
File Mine -- Shareware & Games
Jim Buyens Web Resources


UK Sensitive Map - Academic
The National Postgraduate Committee
JobServe - The largest source of IT vacancies in the UK