There are two distinct Dynamic KBS components under development for SMARTFIRE. The first is a Dynamic KBS that monitors and controls the CFD simulation processing so that a near-optimal set of control parameters is always used. Whilst the research has been generally successful, the techniques are currently being refined to reduce the computational expense of the heuristic searches that try to determine the optimal control strategy.

The second development is the new Experiment Engine. This is a computational module that can act as an expert assistant to provide high level solution control from the point at which the geometry and the nature of the simulation have been specified. The concept here is that the Experiment Engine will be able to run a coarse mesh, simplified model to determine such issues as the likely stability, ranges of data and solution complexity. This information can then be used to enhance the performance of the mesh generation (via cell budget control and local refinement) and the subsequent numerical processing and solution control (such as configuration of time stepping and relaxations).