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The SMARTFIRE Interactive Meshing System has the responsibility for creating a mesh of control volumes for the current fire scenario. The Meshing System has a dual mode of operation so that novice users can benefit from meshing expertise that is used to automatically create an appropriate mesh for their scenario. Expert users also have the option of manually specifying a mesh or further fine-tuning an automatically generated mesh. The meshing system gives the user ultimate control in the choice of meshing decisions. The meshing system is fully aware of the impact of vents on the outside of a region and will accommodate such vents with the automatic creation of extended regions so that it is possible to accurately model the vent flows. One of the single most important aspects, of a CFD simulation, is the quality of the mesh and SMARTFIRE provides many mesh quality enhancing facilities which the user can opt to include or exclude for a particular mesh generation (or class of geometry). When the user finally chooses to accept a mesh then the appropriate command script file and geometry file are generated so that the scenario can be run in the SMARTFIRE CFD Engine.

SMARTFIRE uses integrated Knowledge Based System (KBS) techniques to assist with the task of meshing a scenario. First the user specified geometry is analysed to try to match the type of the real-world scenario that is being created. Scenario recognition assists with the selection of the most appropriate meshing rules which will, in turn, help to produce an appropriate meshing solution. The meshing itself is controlled by a number of production rules which dictate how specific geometry features should be handled by the meshing system.