Passenger Airline Safety Briefing

Getting passengers to pay attention and understand the airline safety briefing is always a struggle.   I think that the most important information currently conveyed to passengers concerns the brace position, emergency lighting and the location of the exits.  Some information not provided during the briefing is that not all the exits on your aircraft are necessarily the same size.  On aircraft such as the B737 and A320, it is also important to understand that not all the exits are the same size – the ones in the middle are small and so it will take you longer to get out using these exits.

Part of the problem is getting the passengers engaged enough in the safety briefing so that they pay attention and potentially learn something that could save their lives in the event of an accident.  

Shown here are two safety briefings from the same airline, Air New Zealand.  Both are a little different from your ordinary in-flight briefing.  Both try and capture your attention in the hope that you will engage in the safety messaging.




Which of these two videos do you think is the most entertaining?

Which of these two videos do you is the most engaging?

Were you distracted from the safety message by any feature of the videos?

Which of these two videos do you think is the most effective in conveying the safety messages? 

Let me know what you think, post a comment.

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