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FSEG are involved in human factors research associated with both emergency and non-emergency situations.  As part of this research FSEG undertake a number of surveys designed to assist in the understanding of human behaviour.  Your participation in these studies will contribute to improving our understanding of human behaviour, assist in the development of more realistic computer models and ultimately contribute to the design of more user friendly and safer building, aircraft, ship and train designs.  Prior to releasing our surveys, each survey must undergo review by the University of Greenwich Research Ethics Committee to ensure that the survey is being undertaken in an ethically appropriate manner and that all practical means have been implemented to ensure that the data is collected, stored and handled in an appropriate manner.

We invite you to participate in these surveys.  The current surveys that we are running are:

1) AVsafety Survey (From March 2018)
As part of the GATEway autonomous vehicles project we are seeking members of the public to complete a short survey about their perceptions of and encounters with the driverless pods at North Greenwich Peninsula. The survey focuses on the safety and behaviour of the pods and other road users. We invite responses from pedestrians and cyclists who have come across the pods while using the Thames Path and from people who have taken passenger rides in them. Your participation will contribute to improving understanding of how different road users perceive and interact with autonomous vehicles in an urban environment.  

2) EXIT SIGNAGE Survey (From August 2016)
We are seeking to better understand how people interpret exit signage. This short survey is designed to give us some idea of how the public perceive and react to different types of exit signage. By participating in this survey you are helping to make our buildings safer. Anyone over the age of 18 can participate, you don’t need any particular knowledge or experience. We want as many people of different ages, backgrounds and countries to participate, your opinion is important to us. Participate in citizen science and make the world a safer place. Just click on the link. 

3) PEDESTRIAN BEHAVIOUR Survey (From June 2016)
We need your help so that we can better understand how pedestrians make decisions to cross roads. This will assist us in improving agent based models of pedestrian behaviour, enabling us to make more informed decisions concerning the urban environment, road safety and plan large-scale urban evacuation situations. Anyone from anywhere in the world can complete this survey so please get your friends, family and colleagues to complete the survey. Just click on the link above to participate in the survey. 

4) AIVEHICLES Survey (From April 2016)
As part of the GATEway project we are seeking volunteers to take part in a survey designed to collect information from the general public concerning their perception of autonomous vehicles, which are ‘driverless cars’ controlled automatically by onboard computer. Your participation in this study will contribute to improving our understanding of how people may interact with autonomous vehicles.

5) Observation Survey (From January 2015)
As part of the LIFEBID project, we are seeking volunteers to take part in a survey on people’s perceptions of fire situations. The survey will take around 10 minutes of your time. Anyone can participate and we ask that you get your friends and family to also complete the survey. We want as many people of different ages (18 years of age or older) and occupations and nationalities to take part, so please encourage others to do it, but don’t tell what the survey was about.

6) Domestic Fire Survey (From Oct 2014)
Have you experienced a domestic fire – small or large? Would you like to help us understand how people behave when faced with domestic fires? Please take part in our on-line LIFEBID survey.

7) Wayfinding-II Survey (From May 2012)
This is a survey to help us understand how different people way find i.e. find their way through buildings and how they interpret signage. Anyone can do the survey and your input will help to improve safety in buildings.

8) Human behaviour in emergency situations.

a) Survey for survivors of fires, floods, or 7/7 London bombings (From June 2010)  - SURVEY NOW CLOSED

We are seeking to understand how survivors think, feel and act in an emergency. This will help efforts to improve people's safety in buildings, transport systems and other structures. Have you experienced a fire or flood in your home (e.g. fire at Lakanal House, Camberwell; recent Cumbrian floods)? Or have you had to evacuate a public building such as a hospital (e.g. Royal Marsden, London) or hotel (e.g Penhallow Hotel, Newquay)? Perhaps you were in a train station or on an underground train directly affected by the terrorist attacks on July 7th 2005? If you have experienced any of these types of events in the past 10 years, click on the link above to take part in our survivor survey.

b) Survey for UK Firefighters (From June 2010)  - SURVEY NOW CLOSED

We wish to learn about the professional experiences and observations of first responders to scenes of emergencies. How do occupants of buildings affected by fires or floods tend to react to the incident? How do first responders try to communicate with others or evacuate people from the scene? Such information will help efforts to improve emergency communications and procedures. If you are a serving firefighter, click on the link above to take part in our first responder survey.

These surveys form part of our study on how culture influences emergency behaviour. They are for people who have actually experienced or attended specific types of incidents.  Further details may be found on our web page

9) Wayfinding Survey: (From Jan 2010)  - SURVEY NOW CLOSED
This is a survey to help us understand how different people way find i.e. find their way through buildings.  Anyone can do the survey but we are particularly interested in getting left handed people to do the survey as we do not have enough left handers who have completed the survey.

10) Elevator/Lift Survey: (From Oct 2009)  - SURVEY NOW CLOSED
This is a survey to help us understand how people use lifts and stairs in buildings, and how they might use them in emergency situations.  Again, anyone can complete this survey, but we are particularly interested in people who work or live in buildings that have lifts.



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