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These pages contain NEWS concerning FSEG activities.

Under RESEARCH NEWS can be found information concerning FSEG achievements, staff news, new FSEG projects and new developments within FSEG.
Under SOFTWARE NEWS can be found the latest information concerning the entire range of FSEG software products.

(A) Research News
(B) Software News
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(A) Research News: back

This section lists all news concerning FSEG staff and their research activities.

[21/05/15] new pic FSEG PhD student wins inaugural SFPE Guylene Proulx Scholarship.

Robert Brown, FSEG PhD student (member of staff at Memorial University Canada) has been awarded the SFPE Foundation first annual Dr. Guylène Proulx, OC Scholarship. This award was established in 2014 in honour of Dr. Guylène Proulx, an outstanding researcher in human factors and human behaviour related to fire, and a passionate advocate for fire safety awareness. The grant will go towards funding Mr. Brown’s PhD project entitled “Collection, Analysis and Implementation of Human Performance Data from Planned Assembly Trials on Passenger Ships at Sea.” Rob’s PhD is based on work FSEG undertook as part of the EU FP7 SAFEGUARD project.

More information can be found in the UoG press release and the SFPE press release.

SFPE Foundation logo Dr. Guylène Proulx

[30/05/14] new pic FSEG win Medal of Distinction from The Royal Institution of Naval Architects.

Robert Brown, Prof Ed Galea, Dr Steven Deere and Mr Lazaros Filippidis from FSEG have won the 2014 Medal of Distinction from the Royal Institution of Naval Architects (RINA). The award is made for the best paper to appear in the The Transactions of the Royal Institution of Naval Architects, International Journal of Maritime Engineering in 2013. The paper was entitled:

"Passenger Response Time Data-Sets for Large Passenger Ferries and Cruise Ships Derived from Sea Trials"

The paper was published in the RINA Journal, The Transactions of the Royal Institution of Naval Architects, International Journal of Maritime Engineering, Vol 155, Part A2, pp A97-A103, April-June 2013.

Prof Ed Galea accepting the award from the RINA President The Medal of Distinction
Prof Ed Galea accepting the award from the RINA President The Medal of Distinction

Further photographs may be found on the FSEG Facebook pages.

[26/02/14] FSEG win The Guardian University Award for Research Impact

In acknowledgement of FSEG’s work on developing the IADSS concept and its contribution to the GETAWAY project, FSEG was awarded the prestigious Research Impact Award for 2014 as part of The Guardian University Awards. A full account of the award and the citation can be found on The Guardian web pages and photographs may be found on the FSEG Facebook pages.

The Guardian University Awards Winner 2014 The Guardian University Awards Winner 2014 - Team photograph by James Turner
Team photograph by James Turner

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(B) Software News: back

This section lists latest news concerning FSEG software products.

[21/12/2015] new pic buildingEXODUS v6.2 IS NOW AVAILABLE!
  • New Geometry Input Features:
    • buildingEXODUS now has the ability to import geometry specification from a wider variety of Third Party sources. A Third Party Extras Library has been developed allowing users to import the boundaries of structures directly from existing geometries built in third party software including:
      • CAD systems i.e. .DXF,
      • BIM (Building Information Modelling) i.e. .IFC,
      • SMARTFIRE CFD geometries i.e. .SMF
      • FDS CFD geometries i.e. .FDS.

The new feature enables greater flexibility/control by allowing users to delete specific Layers, Blocks or Entities (i.e. lines, polylines, arcs etc.). The user can also delete objects within the DXF file of a given colour.

  • User interface:
    • Manipulating the View of a Given Floor via the Mouse
      Using the mouse right click within a given geometry window allows the user to drag the contents of that window around, thereby changing their view of the given floor.
  • Output:
    • Enhanced Representation of Lift Movement within the 3D View
      The representation of lifts within the 3D View has been enhanced so that they are drawn at their exact position, as opposed to merely appearing at each floor. This enables the respective acceleration/deceleration of each lift to be more clearly observed, producing a more fluid representation of the lift movement.
    • Quicker Generation of Simulation Data within the Output Tab of the Data Window
      The time taken to output simulation data within the Output tab of the Data Window has been significantly reduced, removing the delay previously encountered while data from large simulations was being output. There is no longer a restriction on the number of lines of data that can be displayed within the Output tab. ALL data from each simulation is now displayed within the Output tab.
    • SFE Command to Generate a Simulation Output File (.SIM)
      A new SFE command has been added (i.e. DumpResults) allowing the generation of a simulation output file (*.sim) containing the results for the last run simulation. This command can be used if the user initially stated that the generation and saving of the results was not required and if the simulation was run from a replay file.
  • Updated Dongle Drivers for Windows 10
    • The dongle drivers for buildingEXODUS have been updated to be compatible with Windows 10.

new pic maritimeEXODUS v5.1 IS NOW AVAILABLE!

The release of maritimeEXODUS V5.1 incorporated a number of additions and alterations that are designed to make the software more user-friendly, more efficient and more applicable.


Substantial additions to the software include:


  • Changes to the way in which Non-Irritant Smoke Affects Agent Agility (Level C only)
    • The Toxicity model has been modified to ensure that non-irritant smoke no longer affects the Agility of agents during simulations. Non-irritant smoke causes visual obscuration only and hence affects only an agent’s travel speed.
  • Integrated Help Facility
    • The maritimeEXODUS User Guide is now available in a CHM Windows help file format enabling the user to view/search the maritimeEXODUS User Guide directly from within maritimeEXODUS itself.
  • Continue with Abandonment Functionality Updated
    • This feature has been updated to enable the user to define the percentage of agents that are required to have successfully assembled before the abandonment phase can commence. This enables the abandonment phase to commence before all agents have assembled.
  • Speed Control Functionality Updated
    • This feature has been updated to enable the user to accurately control the speed at which the simulation will run relative to real time. The speed at which the simulation is currently running relative to real time is output to the toolbar during run time.
  • User Interface

    • Integrated OpenGL 3D View (Levels B and C only)
      • Enables a three dimensional representation of the geometry to be viewed directly from within maritimeEXODUS.
    • Tabbed Menu Bar
      • Allows the user to more quickly and easily switch between each of the four modes within maritimeEXODUS.
    • Deck Heights dialogue box
      • Allows the user to both view and define the heights of each deck within the structure/vessel, enabling deck heights to be more easily managed.
    • Enhanced Panel Populate dialogue box
      • Allows specific regions of the vessel to be populated e.g. within a user defined Compartment zone or alternatively allocating the population within specific decks.


    • Muster Station Terminology Change
      • Muster Stations have now been renamed as Assembly Stations, both throughout maritimeEXODUS and its associated documentation. Similarly, the act of mustering is now referred to as assembling etc. This change was made to ensure consistency with the terminology used by the International Maritime Organization (IMO).
    • Restructuring of the maritimeEXODUS Manual
      • The existing maritimeEXODUS manual has been completely restructured and broken down into three separate documents, namely the User Guide, Theory Manual and Application Manual. Each of the documents are available in PDF format on the maritimeEXODUS installation CD. In addition, the User Guide is also available in a CHM Windows help file format, which is directly accessible from within maritimeEXODUS itself.

    maritimeEXODUS software architecture

    • Windows 8.1 Support for Dongles

    [11/11/2013] new picSMARTFIRE v4.3 IS NOW AVAILABLE!

    The release of SMARTFIRE V4.3 incorporated several significant additions to the SMARTFIRE CFD engine.

    • Multiple-Particle-Size smoke model:New model to represent smoke as a number of independent SOOT phases – each with different particle diameters and relative proportions – allowing smoke to experience gravitational settling, which can be an important smoke transport process in large scale geometries, such as tunnels.
    • Algebraic Multi-Grid solver for pressure correction: This new solver assists the solution propagation in scenarios with highly refined meshes or in difficult geometries (e.g. tunnels). Unlike traditional Multi-Grid solvers, the algebraic form does not require separately generated real meshes.
    • Enhanced Fractional Effective Dose (FED) monitor points with occupant characteristics:FED monitoring now allows each probe to be characterised with occupant characteristics to give a more accurate and representative understanding of the cumulative toxicity effect of the evolving solution.


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