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A programme:

  • to investigate water mist systems for aviation and maritime application;
  • to carry out full-scale experimentation on water mist systems and detection-activation systems;
  • to develop CFD based computer models capable of simulating fire-water mist interactions; this included the development of fire models, detection-activation models, water mist models and suppression models;
  • carried out by a consortium consisting of 7 partners - CAA (UK), Cerberus Guinard (France), DLR (Germany), Marconi Avionics (UK), NTUA (Greece), SINTEF NBL (Norway) and University of Greenwich (UK);
  • funded by The European Commission under the BRITE/EuRam Programme, Framework IV, Project Number BRPR-CT95-0040;
  • running for three years from February 1996 to February 1999;
  • successfully completed.

Background - reasons for undertaking the project.

Consortium members - those involved in the project.

Objectives - aims of the project.

Work programme - plan of work for the project.

Results summary [pdf file, 100KB] - final project report detailing achievements.

Animations - movies of some of the simulations performed.

Publications and presentations.


Images - miscellaneous pictures taken during the project.

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