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SMARTFIRE V4.3 is now available

SMARTFIRE is an advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) fire simulation environment developed by the Fire Safety Engineering Group (FSEG) at the University of Greenwich.  Unlike other CFD software used to simulate fire, SMARTFIRE has been specifically designed and developed as a Fire Simulation Tool to be used by Fire Engineers and is based on more than 20 years of CFD fire modelling experience and research of FSEG.

How to use Smartfire

How to use the SMARTFIRE environment. Click for a larger view and description.


SMARTFIRE Scenario Designer showing the inside of a Theatre building in Walkthrough mode.

Smartfire demo image

Click to watch a SMARTFIRE amination that creates and runs a building fire simulation. (WMV 86.1 MB)

SMARTFIRE provides the fire engineer with a desk-top fire-laboratory enabling rapid turnaround of sophisticated fire simulation analyses.  SMARTFIRE has many unique features designed to make problem specification, execution and analysis straightforward and efficient, allowing the fire engineer to concentrate on design issues rather than wrestling with CFD and software issues.

Smartfire ship fire demo

  SMARTFIRE visualisation of a ship fire scenario. Click to view a larger WMV animation. (582 KB)

SMARTFIRE building fire simulation shows 3 temperature iso-surfaces. Click for large AVI (3.7 MB).

SMARTFIRE building fire simulation showing smoke and temperature. Click for large AVI (3.7 MB).

Find out more about the SMARTFIRE v4.3 Environment for Fire Field Modelling.

John Garstang, Fire & Explosion Chairperson of the Canadian TSB, who investigated the Swiss Air MD11 fire said:  “We chose SMARTFIRE and the University of Greenwich because of the model’s sophistication and the fire modelling expertise of the Fire Safety Engineering Group, particularly their experience in the aviation sector.”

An Evaluation Version of SMARTFIRE v4.3 is available to download for Registered Visitors.

The SMARTFIRE development group of FSEG are available for project and consultative services to building, aviation, marine and rail industries. FSEG also provides a Parallel Cluster Computing Service for simulating client scenarios. SMARTFIRE software licenses are also available for purchase.  For all information, Please contact the FSEG director.


  Unique, user-friendly and fully integrated modelling environment in which to investigate the spread and effects of fire, smoke and ofther toxic species.

  Powerful CAD-like Scenario Designer allows rapid import of multi-storey building models with support for 2D CAD [DXF] import. The Scenario Designer provides room and door finding search tools and provides highly intuitive "whole building" modelling using floor plane layers.

  Intuitive Case Specification Environment to create and configure a scenario. This tool provides access to all boundary conditions, physics options, properties, transient behaviour and solution controls.

  The automated mesh generation system is tuned to the requirements of fire analysis with embedded expertise specific to the type of geometry being modelled. The meshing system also provides interactive manual mesh control.

  Dynamic (run time) access is provided to all control parameters in the CFD module, allowing full user control, if and when required.

  Support for numerous output formats including a zoned output link to allow the transfer of fire hazard data to EXODUS.

  Modest computer requirements make Fire Field Modelling a practical and viable reality.

  32 bit and 64 bit versions gives best use of the available hardware and memory capabilities.

  Parallel capability allows the use of multiple standard PCs (connected via Ethernet) and/or multiple CPU Cores to reduce run times for large cell budgets.

  Powerful DataView post processing visualisation environment provides the user with rapid access to the simulation results.

  Thorough validation and regulatory support.


Make the smart move to SMARTFIRE, the only Fire Field Modelling Environment that you will need to efficiently model the toughest jobs, in the shortest turn-around times and with the lowest training overheads.


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